Cooking Great Meals in January

What a pleasure to look through the producers selling this week at Birdhouse and seeing that a week's worth of meals are easily accomplish with what is available online. Meal planning this week is a breeze.  Get started by looking through some of this week's highlights. 

  • Sub Rosa Bakery has added their granola this week!  The entire online inventory, including biscotti, will return by next week. Meanwhile, you've got marvelous pastries, bread, cookies and granola to enjoy this week.  
  • Pamplin Poultry is back this week with lots of farm fresh eggs and bone broth. 
  • Produce is always a challenge in the winter, but Amy's Garden is with us this week, Shine Farm and Meadow Acre Gardens have a wide variety of goodies to offer.  Check out Liberty Tree and Woodsong Naturals for a few additional offerings. 
  • The Mayor offers Broccoli Raab & Swiss, a delicious seasonal and vegetable focused sausage with cheese to add to the deliciousness.
  • Don't forget you can find fresh mozzarella at Curds and Whey RVA and Woodsong Naturals has 4 varieties of raw, organic, grassfed, A2A2 cheeses. Raw, certified organic, A2A2, cheese is soy free, and completely grass fed. 
  • Redemption BBQ has Autumn Olive Farm ham, hocks, and more. 
  • Gotta say, Rappahanock River Mushroom Co is making a splash at Birdhouse. They sell out fast, so don't miss out. 

Vendor Note: Bloom's RVA planned a short vacation in January but has suspending his business operation indefinitely. Jacob Ross, owner of Bloom RVA was called to active duty last week. Thank you Jacob for your service; we look forward to your safe return very soon. 

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