No Ice on Tuesday

By Tuesday's pickup, all this nasty weather will be a distant memory.  So while your hungry and tired of being cooped up indoors, shop for local, celebratory seasonal delights. Here are a few highlights:

  • Winter storms interfered with Pamplin Poultry's delivery last week, so they return this week. For those who ordered last week, there's no need to reorder. 
  • Produce this week: Liberty Tree Farm has a bit of kale, spinach and pea greens. Rappahannock River Mushrooms are outstanding. Amy's Garden has sweet potatoes. Check in with Woodsong Naturals, they sometimes update during the weekend.
  • Wild Earth Fermentation returns this week with their seasonal Kimchi "Root". Remember when it's gone, it's gone until next year. 
  • Add a little color into your winter landscape. Hazel Witch Farm has added smudge sticks, dried everlasting posy, and dried flower fetti to her soul satisfying anemone bouquets. 
  • Sub Rosa and Craft Bakehouse keep adding goodies to keep our spirits up. Colleen and Andrea have a super sized bakers choice box with a dozen goodies. (A dozen! Maybe enough to share.) Sub Rosa's croissant selection, both sweet and savory could cause some hand wringing until you realize you can buy more than one. 
  • Curds and Whey RVA, Redemption BBQ, and My Empanada have become standard fare with Birdhouse customers. Every item made from scratch for a quick yummy meal. 
  • Agriberry has a special on their Apple Blush applesauce made with honey crisp apples and Agriberry raspberries, 3 for $20.
Remember: Order all weekend. Only one fee is charged per ordering cycle. And please mask up at pickup. 

Shop online Thursday 6AM - Monday 3AM
Pickup 1507 Grayland Ave / Every Tuesday 4 - 6:00PM