Deer Run Farm

Deer Run Farm is a family farm in beautiful King William County, Virginia. We focus most of our time on plants, produce, and honey production. Also on the farm with my husband and I are our two daughters, who are learning what's it is all about to grow their own food, raise animals and bees, and take care of the land. We grow many varieties of vegetables, berries, herbs, and plants.
Along with the families' 30 year background in farming, we also have experience in health and wellness. With this comes the need to stress to people around us the importance of fresh, vitamin packed, and nutrient dense food to our bodies. We also grow using measures to conserve water, decrease the need for chemical additives, and bring our customers the freshest produce possible. We look forward to opening our farm up to our customers, colleagues, and friends!

Summer Bounty

All of our summer vegetables are producing well right now. Everything is tasting amazing from the eggplant to the tomatoes. The yellow "sunsugar" tomatoes are my favorite, but it doesn't get much better that a red slice of beefsteak tomato on fresh bread with mayonnaise either!