EssentialRVA Microgreens

Nutrition & Sustainability focused, as such, we no longer offer sprouts, but only non-GMO microgreens grown without chemicals and in living, organic soil. The water used is also goes through a proprietary process to remove further impurities and aerate- all without additives. Packaged in biodegradable, corn-based plastic or a re-usable produce bag for bulk orders, we are a zero waste, veteran owned farm with clear pricing and premium quality. It’s Essential.


Late this weekend, EssentialRVA Microgreens will turn two years old. It’s been fun with challenges and growth from each. As we expand, we always look for ways to lower cost- not by risking quality, or for increasing profit margins, but to make a true superfood more accessible to more people. Aside from the ongoing discount offered to SNAP users (in person only) and weekly food pantry donations, we are doing something everyone can love- dropping prices. See the online store or visit in person every other Tuesday (all year online) to start improving your health for only $5, with bulk pricing available.

Packaging Change.

Our preferred containers are no longer available, so we’ve taken advantage to try biodegradable, resealable bags. While the bowls where very nice, the tops were fragile and the containers have their own logistical challenges. Bags use less plastic, less space, and offer multiple reuses. While we also look for ways to lower prices when people need it most, we can’t sacrifice quality. Your feedback is valuable and appreciated. Look for exciting news coming soon as we look forward to our second year anniversary!

New products and bulk discounts!

Dehydrated Microgreens for longer shelf life and convenience are coming soon, along with special pricing on quantities of eight ounces or more. Questions? Call or text 434-996-1309.