7 Muffins A Day

A Dedicated Gluten Free and Dairy Free Bakery with Vegan Options. All products are made with only Gluten Free and Dairy Free ingredients and are produced in a dedicated area with dedicated baking pans and utensils from a dedicated storage pantry. You will find that most of the ingredients used are also Organic or Non-GMO. Almost all packaging used is also either Recyclable or Biodegradable. All products are Lab Tested periodically exceeding the 20 ppm requirement to 2.5 ppm verification for both gluten and dairy. The baker is also gluten and lactose intolerant.

FYI - Allergen (Sesame Seeds)

If you purchased Challah Bread, Croutons, and Bread Crumbs for delivery on 11/27/2019 and before, please note that they contain sesame seeds (for the Challah Bread, it is only sprinkled on top).

For additional information or questions, please contact 7 Muffins A Day at 703-278-2675 or 7muffinsaday@gmail.com. Thank you.